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Data sheet

Original Title: Effetto paradosso 

Director: Carlo Fenizi

Screenplay: Carlo Fenizi 

Cast: Julieta Marocco, Cloris Brosca, Konrad Iarussi, Alina Mancuso, Mirna Kolè, Maria Rosaria Vera, Chiara Fenizi, Felice Clima, Denisio Esposito, Francesco Ricciardi.

Director of photography: Niki Dell'Anno

Editor: Daniela Bevilacqua

Sound director: Gianfranco Tortora

Musical composer: Gianpio Notarangelo e i Terranima

Art director: Anna Maria Cardillo

Costume designer: Lucia Macro

Make up artist: Paola Bruno

Language: Italian

Production: CPM Film Pietro Maria Caria Produzioni

Running time: 97 Minutes

Genre: Comedy

Country: Italy

Release date: 2012



- 5th International Social Commitment Awards, Milano, 2013

- "Capitanata" award, Manfredonia Film Festival VI edition, 2013

- Special mention, Festival del Cinema Indipendente di Foggia, 2013





Demetra, a young engineer who leads a gray life and dedicated exclusively to work, is called by the municipality of a small Apulian village for an appraisal on a land. Demeter finds herself catapulted into a fairytale dimension, out of the world; the country presents itself as a magical micro universe, in which social rules and human relationships are based on alternative models. Demeter is forced to stay longer than she should and discovers that on the that land, born Hypatia, a spontaneous plant with surprising beneficial powers, unique in the world and the basis of all local products. Displaced, confused and disturbed by the reality that surrounds her, Demeter is put to the test. That dimension manages to make the convictions and certainties of an entire existence collapse in her and to reveal mysterious coincidences.