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Data sheet

Original title:  La luce dell’ ombra

Director: Carlo Fenizi

Screenplay: Carlo Fenizi 

Cast: Julieta Marocco, Chiara Fenizi, Matilde Maselli, Maria Rosaria Vera, Giovanni Prisco, Margot Mouth, Mirna Kole', Denisio Esposito

Director of photography: Manel Aguado

Editor: Vicente ibañez

Sound director: Luis Gomez

Musical composer: Terranima

Art director: Estela Ballester

Costume designer: Lucia Villanueva

Make up artist:  Ana Belén Domingo

Language: Italian

Production: CPM film Pietro Maria Caria Produzioni

Running time: 80 Minutes

Genre: Noir

Country: Italy- Spain

Release date: 2009An



It is the Nineties and in a wonderful country mansion lost in southern Italy, the young Esther, with the help of her trusting maid, organizes the wake of her late husband. For the family members who come, the long night of the wake becomes a grotesque theater of going back to the past and unexpected visits.